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Jewels not Tools

Now that you’ve been Swooned, how are you going to ensure your nails look divine till your next appointment? Here are some helpful tips recommended by Calgel themselves...


Remove and reapply your clear topcoat every 3-5 days (must remove with an acetone free nail polish remover, we recommend Calgel ‘Cleanse’)

Apply Cuticle oil freely (at least once a day) , you always condition your hair right? Your nails and cuticles need moisture too! We recommend our cuticle oil from IZ Beauty of London as its proven to be fully compatible with Calgel causing no lifting.

NO PICKING! Picking off your gel will damage your nails, come to us for a soak off, or purchase a bottle of our Calgel ‘Soak off’ and we will advise you how to do it at home.

Wear gloves when coming into contact with hair dye, fake tan, make up, overdyed garments, cleaning products, all of these things will discolour or cause your nails to lift.

Wash hands after applying heavy body lotions, body butters, SPF products, Sunscreen, insect repellent and make up, all of these things have a very high oil content and can cause your nails to lift.

If using sunbeds or going on holiday , we recommend removing and reapplying the IZ Beauty of London UV topcoat every 1-2 days.

All above mentioned recommended products can be bought at Swoon Nails .

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