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Meet The swoonies

Your Crew of Experts

Providing Scotland’s Best Gel Nails of 2019, Swoon Nails is committed to providing you with exceptional service. Whether it’s part of your regular self-care, an occasional treat, or custom preparation for a special event, our team of professionals are ready to give you a stunning, bespoke set of nails. Read on to meet our Swoonies or check out their Instagram pages for more of their work!




Nail Technician

Lia is the Swoon owner and founder; slaying nails for over ten years, she holds the exclusive title of Calgel’s Creative Brand Ambassador. Lia can nail most designs, but is at her happiest creating abstract or geometric nail art; think 80’s, think bold! Outside of Swoon, Lia wears many hats: Mum, Tattoo enthusiast, and Disco Queen.




Nail Technician

Sarah became a nail technician in 2017. Fascinated by the artistic and technical process of creating beautiful nails, Sarah came to change the game with her own level of perfectionism and eye for design.  Her favourite nails to do are intricate, much-loved characters or all things animal print. Outside of Swoon, Sarah’s never far from her family or friends; a true social butterfly with at least three invitations to navigate at once.




Nail Technician

Holly trained as a Nail Technician in 2018 with the firm belief that nice nails are for everyone, regardless of gender or style. Her favourite nails to create are inspired by nature - think stars, stones and succulents - but will happily turn her hand to anything that enhances your vibe. When she's not painting nails at Swoon, she enjoys pausing the telly to look at the nails of inspirational characters.

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