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Hold On To Your Drawers!!

Sun, hail and apparently snow to come – Glasgow weather is never boring. Tell you what else isn’t boring – Swoon is getting a shiny new treatment for your feet! We are delighted to introduce you to ELIM, The Medi Heel Peel Pedicure.

After a full year of slippers and trainers your feet deserve this deluxe treatment, and it is just in time for the beer gardens opening. High heels and cute sandals here we come.

There are two options for you lovely lot to choose from. The standalone ELIM treatment takes 20 minutes and leaves your heels smooth, removing hard skin and calluses without the need for soaking and filing.

If you want to see the magic of the ELIM medical grade pedicure in action follow this link. PSA: do not watch if you don’t like to see the removal of hard skin or the process of pedicures. We love it though - pass the popcorn!

Fancy being pampered even more (eh, yes please!)? Then opt for the Full Pedicure Package. Following your ELIM Medi Heel Peel your feet will be exfoliated, a soothing and reviving foot mask is applied and your feet are encased in heated towels. After you and your feet nod off, your feet are soaked and then it is all rounded off by a relaxing foot massage. HEAVEN.

Both Mama Swoon and Holly have been trained in this gorgeous new addition to the Swoon Room, so you know that the chat is going to be top notch as well.

Why not get your toenails Swooned as well? Our friends at Izabelle Hammon have released the Sheer Beauty Collection and they have outdone themselves.

Six new sheer colours for that nude with a polish look that goes with absolutely everything. Perfect for spring, in our opinion.

Choose from Duchess – a sheer pale pink; Sweetheart – a barely there pink; Organza – a sheer pink/ purple base filled with a fine violet sparkle and a frosted white shimmer; Linen – a soft balance of beige and dusky pink; Chantilly – a stunning sheer white, and last but not least Cashmere – a sheer Tuscan terracotta with dark peachy tones.

These can be used alone, built in layers for a less sheer look or combined with any other fabulous Calgel product to create your desired look. You know who to ask for advice – your girls Mama Swoon and Holly Swoon. If you fancy checking out the colours before Swoon opens then head to Instagram @izabellehammonuk or @swoonnails to see them in their nude glory! Cheeky!

What else makes Swoon think of spring? Flowers do, and continuing with our talented clients business showcase here are some rocking female owned floristry business that we absolutely adore. Swoon’s top picks start with Wild Petals who have an eye for colour, seasonal bouquets with wit and great chat! Their Rainbow Drops bouquet is just dreamy.

Fiori are our next pick of the bunch. Run by the brilliant Baillie they do everything from small-bespoke bouquets to huge installations – and everything in-between. Artistic and really special and a great way to make someone you love smile.

Finally, we want to tell you about Little Wilderness who stock a stunning selection of houseplants, which can be delivered. Lia has some of the terrariums and they make great gifts that last a little bit longer than flowers.

Good news all round really and getting closer to holding hands with you – safely, of course.

Have a great weekend!


The Swoonies xxx

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