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Its Friday We're In Love

Hello you gorgeous lot! Since the C-word is still hanging about like the unwanted guest at a really bad party we won’t be seeing any of your lovely faces (and hands) for the foreseeable future – so we are sliding into your mailboxes to give you weekly updates on what your dedicated Swoon team have been up to. Expect fun, laughter and an awful lot of Netflix! We know our weeks haven’t been anywhere near as fun without your chat and seeing you all again after this is keeping us Swoonies going.

As well as letting you know the latest with us, we also want to know what you are all doing to keep lockdown less *ahem challenging. It has been tough for all of us and the kind messages of support from our fabulous clients have made it that little bit easier to bear. Thank you all from the tips of our (Swooned) nails to the tips of our (also Swooned) toes. Expect to hear updates on what the hugely talented Holly Swoon has been up to and of course Mama Swoon herself, the one and only Lia.

February – the month of love and Valentine/ palentine/ galantine’s day. We like to spread the love all year round at Swoon, but February is traditionally for all the lovers, so expect to see our favourite nails for V-day popping up on your social media. Do you have a favourite set of Swoon nails to get all smoochy with? DM us on Instagram and you might just find them featured on the lead up to the 14th. Our favourite type of love is self-love (oooer!) – And Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to treat you to some pampering. Swoon’s online shop have everything you need to keep your hands and nails looking sensational until you can visit us again, as well as vouchers if you want to treat someone when the salon doors open again. Our lockdown absolute essentials are Izabelle Hammon Tea Tree Hand Wash and Izabelle Hammon Lotus Blossom Hand Cream, not forgetting some Nafstuff Cuticle Oil to keep your nails looking their natural best. Find them all here; your hands will thank you.

We can’t wait to see you all again, but until then stay safe, happy and we miss you all. Look for us in your inbox next Friday friends!

With love,


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