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Mutha of a Mother's Day

And just like that, it is March. Again. At least this time March is looking like it is going in the right direction for us all, although no further updates from the heid high ‘yins in parliament about whether we can be reunited with you after the 26th of April. You know the drill – your safety is of the greatest importance to us, and the minute anything changes we will be flying into your inboxes faster than the rush for a free appointment at the Swoon.

SO much going on at Swoon HQ though and we are so excited to share it all with you. But, we aren’t going to – not right now (*cue evil cackle!). What is coming is going to make a lot of you very, very happy though – not to mention just how GIDDY all these new plans are making us. When the Swoon opens you are all in for a treat!

Still time for you to visit the virtual Swoon store here for M-day (Mothers, friends who are family, mother figures, pet mama’s – mums are not only biological) and treat the person you love most in your life. If that person is you – after all self-love is the most important love – then treat yourself. Goodness knows that self-care in any form right now is vital. Keep your head, and your standards, high! Plus cute paws look nice when you are changing the channel on the remote.

The Swoon team has grown by two! Mama Swoon caved in to extreme lockdown pressure from her mini-swoons and is now the proud owner of two hamsters! Jessica and Red are settling in to their new home, but as of yet show no interest in the art of nails. They like kale, carrots and hiding under the sofa. Did anyone else get a furry friend during lockdown? Tag @swoonnails so we can see their cute wee faces!

Holly Swoonie continues to stun us with her magical talents – head to her insta @hollyswoonie to see her latest creations Aurora Nails. We predict a rush on these when we start taking bookings. Ethereal, pretty, mystical and will fit right in with the summer vibes we can’t wait to take part in. Tell us what looks you’d like to see!

Until next week friends, ciao!


The Swoonies

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