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One Day We Will Hug Again...

Whoopsie! We got a little ahead of ourselves and really did think that we would be able to give you a big hug last week, but alas Glasgow remained in Level 3. We have put those hugs on ice, but at least we can still hold hands with you, right?

By the time you read this there will have been another announcement, so the best way to catch up on what we can (and cannot) do is to make sure you are following us on Instagram and Facebook.

It is also where Swoon announces any cancellations. If you have been waiting to be Swooned keep your eyes on the socials.

Holly and Lia have been busy banging out nail masterpieces. Raspberry Ripple realness from Lia for the fabulous Sharron, matching nails to her lovely client Lara’s Nike Swoosh by Holly and some 80’s pastel Miami dreamboats by Lia for cutie Lauren. Swoon is constantly blown away by the creativity of our clients’ requests and it is a privilege to bring those ideas into life! Remember, you get more bang for you buck when you arrive at the Swoon Room with an idea of what you want – means Holly and Lia can get right down to business. Thanks, we love you!!

So what is on in Glasgow when we get to be together again? What are the latest trends in food, fashion and music and much, much more? One way to find out is to connect with PR superstars Atomic10. This fab female owned company based in Glasgow represent and collaborate with clients globally and on their home turf – TRNSMT Festival anyone?!.

Even if you aren’t looking for PR perfection Swoon recommend that you follow them on Instagram @iamatomic10 to get access to Atomic10’s office playlists as well as being first to know about anything cool happening in gorgeous Glasgow. We love them and we know you will as well!

It goes without saying but stay safe in Glasgow and remember the FACTS - Face covering, Avoid Crowds, Clean hands, Two meter distance, Self isolate. You’ve all been amazing following our guidelines but here they are if you need a reminder. If you are in a Level 2 area enjoy your hugs and drinks indoors – it has been a very long time coming.

With love,

The Swoonies

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