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Proud To Be A Weegie

Updated: May 15, 2021

*** Disclaimer - Published before the announcement that Glasgow is to remain in Tier 3 Restrictions ***

Hugs incoming! As of Monday we can hug you as well as hold your hands, so if you are a hugger and you are in the Swoon anytime after Monday then get ready for a squeeze. Feels like everything is going in the right direction, doesn’t it? Safety first though, and the usual Covid procedures still apply. If you fancy brushing up on them before your appointment, follow this handy (boom boom) link and get prepared.

We are in continued awe of our amazing clients and can’t thank you all enough for the care you are all taking when you come for a visit. Belters, every single last one of you!

Speaking of clients, we have had so many requests for our fabulous foot-changing medi-pedi Elim products to be stocked in the online Swoon shop. We listened and here they are! This must-have range exclusively brought to you at Swoon.

A year of slippers and not doing much more than Netflix and more Netflix hasn’t been kind to our feet, time for a little TLC before those tootsies are out and about. The Elim system will truly change the texture and appearance of your feet, with the take-home range providing visible results and a luxurious experience. Sole-d!

Keep checking our socials for competitions, new products and to check out the nails we have been creating. Our clients never disappoint with their requests and it is a joy to be able to bring them to life on your nails. With life easing towards a more normal pace getting nailed by Swoon means happy hands that can be seen in public – finally! Hot Nail Summer is a-coming!

Swoon is a safe place for anyone to be part of our family. Regardless of your political stance having a safe place to live is something that most of us are lucky enough to take for granted. Swoon is proud to support and to welcome displaced humans to our beautiful city. If you can spare some cash money, or want to donate goods to help make up packs of essential items to make someone’s transition to a life in a new culture a little bit more comfortable, then please head to the amazing Glasgow based charity Refuweegee to help. At the end of the day we are all the same, lets be kind and make Glasgow proud.

Love The Swoonies x

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