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Spring Has Sprung

Sit yourself down, put your feet up – it is Friday! Swoon blog day - the day we slide into your inboxes to give you the goss. Well, as much goss as we can muster given we are all stuck indoors. Hamster update: both Jessica and Red are now fully settled in, with Mama Swoon treating them to strawberries and blueberries when the mini-Swoon’s aren’t looking. Expect hamster themed nails soon.

The end (may) be in sight thought. Hang onto your press-ons for next week’s official update, which should give businesses a better idea of when we can grab your hands (safely) and work our magic. Until then, we want to reassure you that the same rigorous safety practices that were in place before lockdown are in place and will continue to be. Safety-first friends, Swoon cares!

Swoon also cares a lot about our customer’s feedback – it is the only way we can find out ways that we can make your nail experiences out of this world. We are constantly striving to be the best Swoon’s we can be. Can you spare a minute and review your last Swoon visit here please? The more we know, the more we can continue to make each and every visit memorable!

Have you taken advantage of our fabulous free postage offer yet? During the month of March every purchase made from our cute online Swoon here will wing its way to you without you having to pay for postage! If you haven’t taken advantage of it for Mother’s day there is still plenty of time to get your hands on some gorgeous products to pamper yourself. Lia has sent out some unbelievable works of nail art to some lucky press-on nail clients. Keep checking our online store for stock updates – spring is in the air and there will be a drop of ready-to-wear pastel pretties today!

Lastly, we don’t want to end on a down note but it is important to us that we know our Swoonies are in a safe space – be that mentally or physically. The tragic loss of a woman’s life have had us thinking about women’s safety. If you are struggling mentally during lockdown (or at any other time) charities like SAMH are great resources to access online here. If you have any concerns for your, on anyone else’s, physical safety in the immediacy then call the police. If you are concerned about a situation you are in, or that you have observed someone in, then organisations like Scottish Women’s Aid can be a great resource on rights and information and you can access their website here. The more you know, the more you can do. Swoon are in no way are mental health experts but we are mental health allies and won’t tolerate abuse of any kind.

Stay safe and call out anything you think is suspect.

We love you!

The Swoon xx

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