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The C Word

Swoonies, we have reached Friday (otherwise known as any other day now!). No doubt you will have been watching the First Ministers announcements and were happy to find out that there is a (very tentative) roadmap out of the C-word and into happier times. Whilst us Swoonies would run up and down Hope Street starkers if it meant we got to see your lovely hands and faces, we have made the decision to keep our bookings closed till the end of April. Why? As always, the safety of our clients, their families, us, our families, Jim and Jean down the road – anyone and everyone we come into contact with – is our absolute priority. It always will be, you are in safe hands (boom).

As we get closer to April and those vaccines do their work and the country knows a bit more about what is going on, we will be back in your inboxes with the latest updates as and when we get them. Have you had your vaccine? Are you planning on getting it? These are exactly the topics we would be discussing doon the swoon – our doors are going to have to be open 24/7 to catch up on all the gossip!

Pssst, wanna hear some gossip? Our resident brain box Holly Swoonie is studying for something quite special – the Essential Nail Professional Diploma. Taught by industry expert and all-round nail icon Marian Newman, this elite qualification has everything you need to know about nail theory and how to use this in a professional setting. Giving good nails isn’t all banging nail art and artistic ideas – did you know your nails are an unbelievably accurate representation of your general health? Holly, we are so proud of you!

Celebrate good times, come on! Did you notice it was Mama Swoon’s birthday? If you were on our social media you would have seen the lovely messages from clients, and if you aren’t on our socials – why ever not? If you follow us you will get up-to-the-minute information on what is going on, when it is going on.

Not one to pass up a celebration, Lia has decided to give you all a gift. If you buy anything from our website (have a browse here) you will get free shipping until the end of March 2021. Free, gratis, for nowt. Right in time for Mothers Day (and remember mothers come in all sort of packages. Fur mama’s, mother figures, friends who are family – the list is endless, and up to you!). Give the gift of good hands.

We will wave you goodbye, and see you next week! Have a belter!

Love, The Swoonies xxx

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