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Tutti Frutti

What a week!!! The excitement of seeing our client and the sheer joy of being able to speak to people outwith your bubble has been amazing, and humbling. Thank you to all our clients who have made our week – there has been tears shed, stories that have made us cry with both sadness and joy. Lets remember the year we have had and never take the wee things for granted. The first set of nails to leave the Swoon Room were a Tutti Frutti fantasy that had everyone smiling. We really appreciate the care that our clients are taking in following the safety guidelines – you’ve all been a dream. If you are still to come in then we truly cannot wait to see you. Hot Swoon Summer all round!

The new Elim Pedicure treatment is already a client favourite – if you want your feet to feel like velvet (thanks to Swoon’s favourite hairdresser @paulamcguinesshair for that quote!) then book here.

While we are on the subject of hair, head to Paula’s Facebook page to see Mama Swoon’s new do! STUNNING! Paula is the queen of colour as well, if you are thinking about a change. 100/10 Swoon approved!

Did you see our Elim competition? If you didn’t then make sure you are signed up to our socials for future giveaways AND for the craic! All our new creations are posted on them and it might give you some inspo for your next visit. We love it when you comment on our photos, means we get to see what you like and give you more of it!

If you’ve not been able to get an appointment in the Swoon Room then remember you can always get your nail fix at our online Swoon Shop. Restrictions have loosened and we can get a drink outside, but safety is still key. Keep those hands sanitised and sanitary with the Izabelle Hammon Unscented Hand Gel. Gentle, effective AND nail safe – an absolute essential if you plan to get an outside beverage (or two). If you are avoiding the shops until they are a bit quieter, take advantage of the no queuing system at the virtual Swoon and enjoy a risk-free browse.

Where are you all going this weekend? Wherever it is, have an absolute ball! - Safely, of course!

All our love

Lia and Holly x

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