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Who's going on the Throne?

A big hello to you all, and to our fellow nail techs south of the border that are just coming to the end of what will have been a busy (and brilliant) week. We have loved seeing our fellow nail guru’s socials and their excitement of welcoming back clients safely. The love and support throughout the industry is one of the reasons Swoon have stayed sane during lockdown. Cheers pals!

By this time in 2 weeks, the all new Swoon Room will have welcomed some of you back with safely distanced opened arms, so what should you expect on your visit? Check out our Covid-19 guidelines here. Your safety and our safety has to be our priority and if you can take a second or two to review the guidelines before your appointment then that means we can concentrate on the good stuff – the nails, the chat, and most of all our wonderful clients. We wouldn’t be here without you and we can never tell you enough how much we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you.

Swoon takes your safety seriously and one thing that we are particularly proud of is the ventilation system that we installed. Sounds boring, but it is vital to us operating safely. Our shiny Aerovex Systems Air Purifier combined with the extra steps that have been implemented throughout the Swoon Room mean we are confident we can operate safely. All we ask from you is that you adhere to the guidelines – oh, and that you bring all your gossip!

Who is going to be the first to sit on our new Pedi-throne? Last week we told you about our new Elim UK medical grade pedicure treatment (bookable now!) Custom made by @grjoinery_and_construction so it is going to be fit for a King or Queen. Staying on top of trends for hands and feet has been one of the ways we can welcome you back with the very best that the beauty industry has to offer. Stepping into the summer with a smile!

More talented people to tell you about - Mama Swoon’s favourite tattooist and all round super woman Rizza Boo. Creator of Lia’s colourful ink and of the artwork adorning the Swoon merchandise – if you didn’t get your mirrors or stickers then check them out and get them in your basket! Swoon is lucky enough to have Rizza’s amazing talent working on something really special for the Swoon – all will be revealed soon!

Rizza Boo is a great woman, a great advocate for equality and is raffling some beautiful, original artwork to raise money for the bloomin’ brilliant organisation Rape Crisis Scotland. Head to @rizza_boo on Instagram and follow the link in her bio to support a great cause – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

It’s the final countdown – woo hoo!!! See you all soon!


Lia and Holly xx

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