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Women Supporting Women

Another busy week for your favourite nails artists and we want MORE!! Lia and Holly are knackered but happy to have so many beautiful faces coming into the Swoon. If you have tried to book an appointment online you might not have been able to book the time you wanted, so here is our Swoon Top Tip – make sure you are subscribed to our socials. We shout out cancellations and available appointments there when they become available. Swoon nails are the best-dressed hands in town so get involved!

Talking about socials, did you see the cutest addition to the Swoon Room? No, it isn’t Lia or Holly (although they are both EXTREMELY cute); it is the new Swoon Mani Care and Appointment Planner Booklets. Designed exclusively for Swoon by the ridiculously talented Give Good Face.

The lovely Emma not only paints faces (fancy a Face Painting and Glitter bar at your net event – she’s your gal), but illustrates as well. Make sure you get yours the next time you are in! Swoon Top Tip number two (we are on a roll) – head to the Give Good Face website to download your free colouring-in sheet. Trust us, you will love them.

It is no secret that we are HUGE fans of women-owned businesses (see above) – ‘Mon the girls!

Swoon shopping online and in the Swoon Room feature products from fabulous female businesses that we love and that we know give gold-standard results.

We don’t sell anything that we don’t use (and love) ourselves, so coming through with a treat for you – you can get 10% off products online from NAF Stuff with the discount code SWOON10.

NAF! are Glasgow based nail legends, with the sweetest range of hand and nail care products to keep your mitts looking the ti*s! If you prefer to get your shopping fix in person, then Swoon has you covered. You can shop our range of NAF Stuff in the Swoon Room.

Our latest NAF! haul will keep your hands sanitised (that pesky Covid hasn’t disappeared quite yet – keep your hands clean) and moisturised with NAF’s Sanitizer and Hydration Spray. Swoon always recommend that you use a cuticle oil like it is going out of business, as it makes your manicure last longer and we love getting fruity with the NEW Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri Cuticle Oil Pens. Also note that we have re stocked all of your classic NAF favourites.

Nail pals stick together and Swoon are honoured to be allies with Tammy and her NAFIA – strong women don’t compete, they collaborate and there is room for everyone. Join in - you CAN sit with us!

Swoon for all! Until next time,

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